Los Claveles Independent Owners

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Our Manifesto

These  are our aims . . .

1. WimPen have successfully managed the resort for many years. However we are conscious that recent events have turned some owners away from them. So we aim to reverse the decision to dismiss WimPen and allow them to continue as contracted Administrators for the time being, so that owners have time to assess their performance before making decisions for the longer term. Should owners feel they want a new administrator after a trial period, we will encourage competitive tenders from management companies, with references, for owners to consider at a full general Meeting and follow the process set out in the constitution to bring about a change.

2. In the meantime, we will open lines of communication with WimPen and hold them accountable for the management of our resort.

3. We will aim to ensure prudent financial management by the administrators with fully transparent information made available to owners.

4. We will aim to keep all owners fully informed of all developments

5. We will seek to bring the club and escritura members together as one community of owners under one president and one advisory committee

6. We will aim to bring all together in one general meeting so that fully democratic decisions can be made about the future of the whole Los Claveles,

7. We will seek to elect a new committee for a combined membership of club and escritura, and invite founder members back to serve on the committee

8. The weeks owned by WimPen which were cancelled by the current committee will be returned to them. We would also wish to see a return of Founder members to their rightful place on the committee

9. We will seek to cancel the unconstitutional changes to the constitution and revert that that which was valid in 2014, before rewriting a simpler constitution that is easier for owners to understand and removes some powers from the committee putting them back into the hands of owners.

10. Our dealings with owners will be open and honest, and we will always accept constructive criticism and allow free and transparent debate. There will be no censorship.