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Paying your Maintenance - The dilemma

We appreciate that the current dispute between the club and Wimpen gives club owners a dilemma, so how should you pay?

WimPen is the contracted administrators and management company for the Development Owners Association, and also manage the combined community account. It is from this account that the running costs of the resort are met and wages paid to the staff. Payments made to the club do not contribute to the costs.

Until the dispute is resolved, to ensure sufficient funds to meet the resort’s expenses, and to allow access to your villa, it is  important that club members maintenance fees are paid to the community account managed by WimPen, not to the club

Owners may have received an invoice from the club accompanied by an email from the club chairman.

In this email he says . . . . "you have to pay your maintenance fees to the Club. Failing to do so will mean you have a debt to the Club. Your membership could be suspended and you would be unable to use your week."

We want to reassure owners that if you have paid the combined community account, managed by Wimpen, this simply cannot happen. Your ownership and your weeks are secure and you will have access to your villa. So please don't worry, until the dispute is resolved, you should continue to pay the community and enjoy your holiday.

T here is no dispute between escritura owners and WimPen, so payment arrangments are the same

You should pay at least 6 weeks prior to your occupation date to avoid a late payment penalty . Y

You can pay online at www.wimpen.com.

The dispute is something that needs to be resolved between the club, WimPen and lawyers and we hope that in due course the situation can be concluded and payment arrangements can be clearer