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Bulletin Board

12 August: Paying your maintenance, the dilemma for club members.

18 June 2018: DOA President’s Bulletin No 1

19 June 2018: Emails from owners to Club president

1. Melanie’s email

2. David’s Email

1 June 2018 - Independent owners fact file

1 April 2018: Why we oppose the committee - Download the news sheet

11 December 2017:

 Letter and Accounts  from Snr German Castro, MD WimPen Leisure

This letter sent to all owners December 2017 provides an update of the situation to owners, what they are missing out on where other resorts are benefiting, and shows a very healthy set of financial results. Once again, it explains how a full and open general meeting could decide the way ahead for Claveles, with or without Wimoen

Los Claveles AGM 2015 Verbatim Minutes

Well worth a read. A great example of how NOT to run an AGM.  Note that the committee’s decision to terminate WimPen’s contract was agreed on the casting vote of the chairman. In these circumstances, with such an important decision, one would have expected the chairman to use his casting vote to maintain the status quo.

Note also that the chairman used his discretionary proxy votes at the AGM to vote ‘Against the Room’ rather than in accordance with established tradition to listen to the debate and then vote ‘With the Room’. We contend this vote was undemocratic

Letter from Snr German Castro, Managing Director WimPen Leisure

This letter sent to all owners sets out some information from the result of the arbitration and advises how the committee could legitimately follow a process to dismiss WimPen or resolve the dispute

Letter from the President Community of Owners, Las Casitas

Las Casitas is another Wimpen Resort in Lanzarote. This letter was addressed to all Los Claveles owners but the committee refused to pass it on. It outlines how he developed a sound working relationship with WimPen following the takeover by OnaGrup.

Los Claveles Constitution 2014

This is the original constitution that we support, but has been changed twice by the current committee